FavorSea achieves ISO 21815 test compliance (2019)

FavorSea Africa commissioned the University of Pretoria (UP) to conduct a bench test to verify that the FavorSea Collision Avoidance System (CAS) conforms to the requirements of ISO 21815. The purpose of this test was to confirm that FavorSea meets the standard requirements. 

Several tests were performed, including: 

  • Negotiation and maintaining communication connectivity,
  • Setting and reading of protocol registers,
  • Setting and reading of propulsion registers,
  • Identifying and applying machine capabilities, and
  • Machine-to-CxD data messaging.


The CAS system was able to establish and maintain a connection, with the connection break tested by disconnecting the cable and reconnecting it. Once reconnected, the CAS reconnected, negotiated, and assumed normal operation. 

The system was able to read all systems and subsystems, including the machine software revision and all machine IDs as presented. The CAS was also able to read all registers, including speed, gear, etc., and interpret the information. 

The CAS was able to request and identify all machine capabilities, which is useful when connected to a machine with unknown capabilities. The data used for Collision Avoidance is measured and calculated by the CAS, which can read this information from the machine. 

In conclusion, the testing was successful, and the FavorSea CAS can communicate with the machine and control it using the ISO 21815 protocol.