FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited

Mining & Energy
Processing & Preparation
Handling & Transportation

Partnered with China's most prestigious mining sector research and engineering institutes, Favorsea offers a complete range of services, from feasibility studies, mine design, planning and development through to project management and contracting services for new and existing mining operations worldwide.

FavorSea has the complete solution to your coal or mineral preparation needs, ranging from initial feasibility studies, project design and implementation, on-site installation and commissioning and the upgrading of existing plants as well as the supply of equipment, major components and spare parts.      

FavorSea offer you advanced BMH solutions that give maximum efficiency and reliability whilst minimising storage, handling and transportation costs that in most cases, have a significant impact on overall financial viability. We also offers an advanced pipeline system for cost-effective bulk transportation of slurried coal and other minerals over distances above 100 kilometres.