FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited

The scope and complexity of the fast changing global market from time to time brings opportunities to expand our present scope of activities through strategic equity partnerships with companies that share our vision and corporate values. We are always receptive to joint-venture equity partnership proposals that are compatible with FavorSea's co-branding strategy and hard- won reputation for providing world-class OEM products and service from some of China's top echelon manufacturing enterprises.

Our global branding philosophy “Designed and Made with Pride in China” is founded on a vision and set of values that encompass an uncompromising customer service ethos. The right industry partner, shared synergies and enhanced capabilities will help to fuel our drive toward greater global market share and penetration for “Brand China” mining sector products and technology solutions.

If you share our vision and values and feel that you would bring value to a joint-venture equity venture with us, then we would be interested to hear your proposals. To initiate an exploratory discussion, please contact us on info@favorsea.com