FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited

The global market for high-quality OEM mining products holds potential opportunities to widen our existing scope of activities through strategic cooperation with companies that share our vision and corporate values. If you feel that an association could hold mutual benefit, please contact us at info@favorsea.com to initiate an exploratory discussion.

Our strategic partnerships are important to us and we are always open to exploring potential synergies with companies or groups who share our values and ethical approach. 

The term strategic partner may be defined as “individuals or companies possessing the qualities and resources that may enhance or complement our own while broadening our business perspective and increasing the value that client derive from our service.”

If your company is in the top echelon of a business sector relevant to our sphere of activities, is justifiably proud of its' products and performance and willing to stand behind its' commitment to first class quality and service, then we would certainly be interested to hear from you.

Marketing Partners
We are always receptive considering proposals from 3rd parties that can add demonstrable value to FavorSea's local marketing capability.
Distributors: May be companies or individuals that distribute our products for an an agreed margin;
Agents: May be Companies or individuals that sell our products for an agreed rate of commission.
Referrers: May be individuals or companies that act as introductory agents for an agreed fee.

Service Partners
Providing the highest possible quality of service to our clients is our first and foremost priority. We constantly seek local service providers that can enhance all aspects of our “on-the-ground customer service and support capability in technical support and maintenance services, OEM spares and consumables stockists/agents or general client liaison.

3PL Logistics Providers
We guarantee our customers a seamless "door to door" service, from factory gate to mine-site and seek long-term associations with reliable 3PL logistics providers to enhance the existing high-standard of service to our clients.

Technology Partners
Our business is about bringing the best available innovative yet proven industrial technology solutions to the global market, but also within China, Our corporate ethos ensures that we have an intrinsic respect for intellectual property rights. From our perspective, a contractual agreement is not simply about complying with and honouring a set of legal terms and definitions, for FavorSea it is just as much about observing the “Spirit of the Agreement” in order that we can work together with our industry partners on the basis of mutual trust, confidence and respect.

If you empathise with our corporate vision and values, then please consider discussing the potential for marketing your products or industrial technology solutions in partnership with FavorSea, either in specified global territories or in the vast Chinese market. We are always open to proposals that will increase the competitiveness and added-value of our products and services.

Finance Partners
In our business operatins, we need financial partners' support to provide our customers with more convenient means of payment and faster financial services.