FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited

Customer Value Proposition
The international financial crisis and shift in global economic polarity economic towards the “BRICS” nations has resulted in a new paradigm for many global corporations, forcing a re-evaluation of procurement protocols to stem rising costs and address the growing financial impacts of social and environmental issues.

China's recent rapid industrialisation and growing competitiveness as a source of high-quality OEM industrial products may offer enticing procurement options, but those unfamiliar with Chinese business culture will likely encounter problems in navigating its' industrial landscape that can potentially wipe out any anticipated savings due to unanticipated costs of doing business. 

China's mining technology & engineering sector is possibly the world's largest and it has made significant advances in the drive to modernise and reduce environmental impact in the mining and mineral processing industry. Chinese enterprises have developed innovative industry solutions that have increasingly been adopted as industry standard in preference to foreign technology.

Building from a strong domestic base, leading Chinese enterprises and technological “centres of excellence” are increasingly turning their attention toward securing a foothold in the global marketplace. Often with limited experience of interacting with Western clients, Chinese companies face considerable difficulties in the global marketplace due to language barriers and differences between Chinese and foreign business etiquette and practice.

FavorSea's mission and role is to alter existing global perceptions regarding “Brand China,” reinforcing the modern reality of high-quality, innovative Chinese OEM industrial products and world class advanced technology solutions our industry partners can offer.      

Critical process
We look for suppliers in China for customers according to the strict standards , supply the international customers with high quality and cost-effective China's industrial products, which have been fully validated by China's vast market, and continue to create value for customers' supply chain;

We have the international team on the multicultural background and close international cooperation partners, set up professional and efficient service platform for customers and suppliers to achieve barrier-free communication throughout the supply chain, provide the rapidly response and nearby after-sales service.

FavorSea are setting up the teams all over the world to provide nearby services to customers.

Key resources
We have the industry accumulation of many years in the mining industry, are very familiar with the international mining equipment and engineering segment market. FavorSea sizeable sales channels and end users of resources, who is the direct supplier of the top 500 fortune mining companies all over the world, including BHP billiton, Anglo American, De Beers, etc., and it is still under development.

 FavorSea is uniquely positioned to served as global stategic marketing partner to China's leading mining equipment manufacturer & engineering design institute.