FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited


FavorSea – We Make The Difference?
FavorSea seeks to set the benchmark for others to follow in the quest for excellence in all that we do. The unqualified client approval of our product and service is the best measure of our success in the drive to achieve the best standard in all that we do. 
 FavorSea does not compromise its' stance on transparency and openness. The highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour are “de riguer” across every aspect and level of our business.  Winning and maintaining the trust and respect of suppliers and clients alike is an essential driver in sustaining our continued growth and success. 
FavorSea is always transparent and open-handed in its' dealings with clients, suppliers, partners and employees. “What you see is what you get”. 
FavorSea is impartial and objective in pursuing its' goals. Personal bias or conflicts of interest are not tolerated and totally alien to our corporate culture.
Capabilities are valued according to the benefit brought to the business equation. FavorSea is goal oriented and commercially driven, constantly striving to improve across all its' functions; its' capabilities derive from a balance of teamwork, collaborative learning, diligence, innovative problem solving and a blend of accumulated experience and management wisdom in risk assessement and mitigation.
We learn from experience, continually broadening our knowledge base and increasing our pool of expertise. Individual self-awareness is strongly encouraged in FavorSea staff and is regarded as a key to their personal growth and career potential. A person's true strength is best measured by their acceptance of their own weaknesses.  
The FavorSea team is characterised by the qualities of mutual support, respect and loyalty, resulting in a tightly disciplined, cohesive group, highly motivated and effective in its' strategic aim of consistently achieving successful outcomes.