FavorSea Industrial Channel Limited

FavorSea is privileged to be partnered with some of the most highly regarded manufacturing enterprises and prestigious research & design institutes in China's mining and mineral processing sector. In our co-branding role as export channel partner, we bring world-class “Designed & Made with Pride in China” products, world-class technology and advanced industry solutions to the global mining community.
Founded in Nanjing in 2001 as a small Chinese export company, FavorSea began exporting products from the domestic mining and construction sector. Following early success and growth, in 2005 a subsidiary was established in South Africa to consolidate and expand its' business, providing local customer liaison, technical support and after-sales service for its' growing client base. FavorSea has recently further expanded its' scope of activities and now has an international management team and multilingual staff based  in Beijing, conducting business across South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Australia and latterly, Indonesia.
Company Name
The name 'FavorSea' loosely translates as “Favour or bounty conferred by the sea”, our modern day maritime silk road. Always been a source of adventure, exploration and discovery, the sea still unites the the world in the common causes of trade, commerce and cultural exchange. China's last age of maritime discovery culminated with the seven voyages led by the famed Admiral Zheng He, between the years 1405-1433. The ancient world first felt the influence of China's rich civilisation and unique culture via the legendary Silk Road; the oceans serve a similar role today, conveying the means of economic development and prosperity to an increasing number of emerging economies.

Large mining and construction corporations, such as De Beers, Anglo American Group, BHP Billiton, Kumba, Xstrata and Exxaro are among those who have employed FavorSea's services and taken advantage of its' intimate knowledge of China's manufacturing sector.

FavorSea has become the strategic export partner of choice for a select and growing number of top ranked Chinese enterprises from the mining and construction sector, spearheading their drive to expand into the global market. Most notable amongst these are the state-owned enterprises CCRI (China Coal Research Institute) and CCTEG (China Coal Technology & Engineering Group.) along with Jizhong Energy Group Co., Ltd. From the private sector, FavorSea represents Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co. Ltd as its' exclusive export channel.
The International Team
FavorSea management and staff hail from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a broader perspective to our global operations. A cohesive team dedicated to achieving complete client satisfaction, an array of individual talents that fosters greater awareness of customer needs and expectations across the diverse cultural and business mores encountered in the international marketplace.